Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our Top 10 FAQs. If they are not able to clear your doubts, feel free to message us our Contact Us page or email us at Our Customer Support agent will tend to your queries within 24 hours.

  1. Where is my item and how can I track it? After your order has been processed, a tracking number will be sent to your email along with your order number. If you have not received any of our email notifications, please do check your spam folder. You can also track your items here. Do note that our standard shipping takes 2-4 weeks depending on your location. If you still have not received your order after 4 weeks, please feel free to contact us so we can check on your order.
  3. Tracking shows my item has been delivered, but I did not receive it. What should I do? If you have not personally received your package, please do check your mailbox. You can also check with your neighbors as the mailman will sometimes leave it to them when you are not around. If it is still not found, we suggest you give your local post office a call and quote them your tracking number to get a more accurate update on your item.
  5. I would like to change or cancel my order. How do I do that? We allow cancellations and order changes within 24 hours before your items are processed for shipment. You can email our support team to request the change required.
  7. My cart keeps getting empty and my order won’t go through. What should I do? Your browser history may affect website performance, we suggest that you clear your cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again. You can also try other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If it still does not work, let us know, we can always do a manual order for you and send you an invoice for payment.
  9. Where is based and where do you ship your products from? We are based in Miami, Florida and we ship from US, Europe or Asia depending on the availability of the product. We sell internationally and we partner with different carrier depending on location.
  11. I would like to return my order or get a replacement. How do I do that? For returns and order issues, you can directly contact our Customer Support agent so we can further assist you with the process. Please note that return policy are applicable only within 30 days of receiving the item. For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy.
  13. I received a discount code. How do I use it? Discount codes can be applied upon checkout. Remember to recheck them before applying because all codes are case sensitive & are subject to expiration. Please note that you can only use one discount promo per checkout.
  15. What payments method do you accept? We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Visa and PayPal payments.
  17. My credit card was declined. How can I proceed with payment? Your transaction may be declined by your bank as some banks, by default, place a limitation on transaction that is made online. Just kindly inform your bank that you will be making a transaction with us so that they will not block your transaction. After which you should be able to proceed with the purchase. Otherwise you can always use another card or try Paypal instead.
  19. I messaged but haven't heard back for 48 hours, why haven't I received a response? Please check your spam folder as our emails may sometimes be redirected there. Most inquiries are responded to in less than 24 hours.